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Protest the Pope with Bedfordshire Humanists

By Kim - Posted on 09 September 2010

Next week, a paedophile protecting, homophobic, misogynistic, lying, mass murderer will land in Britain. Will he be arrested? No! because this so called Head of State is coming on a State Visit as a guest of our Government! We speak of no less than The Pope. Bedfordshire Humanists say that this is a DISGRACE. It is disgraceful that such a man be invited here in the first place, let alone that the hard pressed taxpayer be expected to pick up the tab, estimated at £20 million plus.

Let’s look at some facts. Fact. The Vatican City is a state. They have a bank, the Vatican bank, which is widely suspected of laundering Mafia money. They report to no one and are accountable to no one. Fact. By virtue of being a State the Vatican is represented at the United Nations where they ceaselessly meddle in anything to do with family planning (resulting in overpopulation, environmental degradation and starvation) and safe sex (resulting in spreading AIDS worldwide with the resulting deaths). Fact. The Vatican State has no extradition treaties with any other country. As a last resort their paedophile priests are recalled there to avoid prosecution and so prevent unpleasant negative publicity. Fact. The Vatican has consistently refused to comply with the international requirements for any state and has sought to bounce allegations of its wrongdoing back on its victims.

Bedfordshire Humanists are joining in with the national campaign to ‘Protest The Pope’. We will be at the final rally, starting at 13:00 on 18th September, Hyde Park Corner, London. We strongly advise anyone who has an interest in freedom, freedom of speech, human rights and justice to be there. Let’s send a clear message to our Government that what this man says is not what we, the people, want. This government should hang its head in shame at perpetuating the ill advised invitation issued by the previous government. You are welcome to march and protest with our group. Please get in touch to get the rendezvous points and tell us to expect you.



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