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The 2011 census

By Kim - Posted on 10 March 2011

2011 is a census year. In the next few days census forms will be dropping through the letter-boxes of Britain.

The results of the census will be used to plan public spending over the next 10 years or so. Maybe longer, as the Government have indicated that this may be the last ever census.

The 2001 census revealed that well over 70% of the population are Christian and around 20% non-religious. These figures have been used to justify many things, including state funding of ‘faith schools’, the expansion of ‘faith based social services’, and the Government listening to unelected ‘faith leaders’ often as the only representatives of their communities.

Many other surveys give a totally different picture, with over 50% of the population declaring that they are not religious!

It is all down to the way the question is phrased. In the census it comes in a section on ethnic background, so people tend to answer it as "what religion were you raised in?" rather than "what religion do you practice?”

Please, when answering this question, answer it as if it says "What religion do you practice?" This is the context in which your answer will be interpreted by the powers that be.

We tried very hard to get the question changed this time to make it clearer, but the Government would not listen. There are too many vested interests who want to keep the religion figure artificially high.

If you do not practice a religion please tick the "No Religion" box.

This will give more accurate figures than if people write "Jedi" or similar made up things.

It is vital that those who are not religious identify themselves as such, so that public spending is distributed fairly. Of course, if you do follow a religion then say so!

We wish to stress that this is not intended to be anti-religious. It is all about getting census results that truly reflect the real state of affairs in the country. Otherwise Government spending and policies will be incorrectly directed.

Thank you very much for taking time to read this. Whether or not you are religious, we are sure you will agree on the importance of getting accurate results from the census, so please pass this message on to everyone you know.

Visit to find out more.

Thank you very much.



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