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Action Alert: Just Say NO to Dorries

By Kim - Posted on 18 January 2012

Mid-Bedfordshire Conservative MP Nadine Dorries’ Ten Minute Rule Bill on abstinence-based sex education – for girls aged 13-16 only – is getting its Second Reading this Friday, 20th January. Abstinence isn’t a new idea. It is used in some states of the United States and has been shown not to work. That is not speculation; there is actual evidence, actual statistics. We believe that this is another example of Nadine Dorries putting her religious faith ahead of the interests of her constituents.

A protest against the Bill will take place outside Parliament on Friday. Speakers include Abortion Rights Vice-Chair Kate Smurthwaite, Lisa Hallgarten of Parents and Carers for SRE, the British Humanist Association and Youth Fight for Jobs.

Date: Friday 20th January
Time: 10.30-12.30
Location: Houses of Parliament, St. Margaret Street, London, SW1A 2AT

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