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Rally for freedom of speech

By Kim - Posted on 05 February 2012

The threats to Freedom of Speech continue. In the last few weeks there have been high profile cases where censorship has been applied to protect specifically the feelings of Muslims – one of these was censorship applied by the Muslims themselves by making direct threats. Unfortunately our society is founded on the freedom to express ourselves and to criticise ideas. If that freedom is restricted, either by officialdom or by self-censorship because we are afraid to express ourselves in case the mob calls, then our society as we know it will cease to function.

Bedfordshire Humanists therefore endorses the rally in defence of Freedom of Speech, which is being organised by the One Law for All campaign. It will be held on Saturday 11 February 2012, at Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Lords from 2-4pm. Please go if you can. This really is an important issue.



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