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Welcome to the home of Bedfordshire Humanists.


We hope to represent Humanist views in the Bedfordshire area, and those of non-believers and secularists generally. However, this website does not replace our meetings, which are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month (see Events page for dates).

All are welcome to our meetings.

Next meeting: Tuesday 1st May

Is GM really Frankenstein food or just good science?

We'll be showing a video of a Mark Lynas talk describing his journey from GM crop destroyer to seeing GM in a more positive scientific light. Are there lessons here for the environmental movement?

In the video, Mark also describes a similar outlook on nuclear power

Also, we'd like to start with a 'bring and share' session - where everyone brings a news item or cutting that they found interesting to discuss. So, a bit like Radio 4's The Newsquiz, but without the humour?

Usual arrangements – North End Club, 7.30 start.

Our meetings:

All are welcome - you don't need to be a member.

Bedford SACRE - Humanism now represented

We are delighted to report that at the SACRE meeting on 15th November 2016, Charles Baily was accepted as a co-opted member. This means that our views can now be formally expressed as part of the Committee's proceedings. However, due to the wording of the local constitution we cannot be enrolled on any of the four sub-committees which form the 'electoral college', so we have no vote.

A Humanist blog

For a Humanist perspective on the events of the day, I'd highly recommend this Blog, written by a local Humanist:


Another blog, Diary of Dogma, again written locally tilts at the excesses of religion:


Skeptics in the Pub

Skeptics logoBedford 'Skeptics in the Pub' is going from strength to strength. Events are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday. Arrive at 7pm for 7.30pm start.

Please check for the latest information on the next meeting and to check the venue, see  bedford.skepticsinthepub.org

A fond farewell to Peggy

Bedfordshire Humanists joined family and friends on 17th November 2015 to say goodbye to Peggy Simmons (3 December 1923 - 8 November 2015).

Peggy was a founder member of Bedfordshire Humanists.

It was fitting that the celebrant was David Brittain, a fellow founding member who said of her "She was ... surprising, shocking, thoughtful, funny, compassionate, kind, creative, amazing and wonderful, and all those qualities that mark out a well rounded and complete Human being. There was also a warmth about her, a sense of concern about her world, about society, and about the people in it. She will be remembered for her infectious sense of boundless enthusiasm – of a lust for life that would rival a twenty year old, and which never really expired until her last days."

A Touching Tribute

One of our members, and local Celebrant David Brittain forwarded this touching item which we're delighted to publish. Be sure to click on Read More to see the whole piece.

In tribute to the late Chris Black, who's Humanist funeral took place at Bedford Crematorium on the 13th August 2014, his grandson (and Young Humanist) Jacob Shale, of Plantsbrook School in Sutton Coldfield composed this wonderful poem in his memory:

The Splendour of the Naked Sky

Meddling hands,
Tending out the beauty of a towering rose
That yet cowers before the wild flower,
Growing prouder and taller,

Magnificent without the Gardener's touch
But both in time,
Blacken and perish and blow away,
And though the silent wind will carry both off,

The wild flower owned itself,

The smaller numbers in the 2011 census.

The census results, of course, are deeply interesting to Bedfordshire Humanists… Well no, that’s a lie. We are deeply interested in one question, the one about religious affiliation. This is the census figure that the government has used in the past to justify their faith based polices, the ones that we oppose on the grounds of social integration, fairness, equality, democracy and not to mention plain old common sense. And we’ll leave for now the issue of whether the results actually measure what they claim to measure.

Here I’m focusing on those faith categories with the lower numbers of adherents.

I’m (not) against it

We non-believers have a reputation for being against things.

We’re against Bishops in the House of Lords. We’re against faith schools. We’re against this and we’re against that. Boy, are we against a lot.

It is easy to think that we are against everything and not for anything. The truth is, we are for things, too. In fact, we’re for lots and lots and lots. Let’s list some of the things we’re for…

Latest Newsletter

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