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Bedford Foodbank - 3rd March 2015

By Ian - Posted on 15 February 2015

Our next meeting, at the NESC on Tuesday 3rd March, 19.00 for a 19.30 start, will be a talk from Bedford Food Bank - a charity we support, so please do bring food donations!

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As Charles noted a few weeks ago: “they are afloat in a sea of baked beans, but anything fishy or meaty is always welcome, and, somewhat eccentrically, there is a particular demand for UHT milk, cuppasoups and tinned sponge puddings.”

Now, you would have thought that supporting such a worthy charity would be uncontentious but questions have been raised as to whether supporting a charity who feed the starving is simply allowing an incompetent and uncaring government off the hook.

The demand for food banks has never been higher, and it is growing. So, is that a reason for a Humanist group to support a charity so obviously run by religious organisations?

Come to the meeting and hear what the Bedford Food Bank do with the donations and how the food is allocated, and join in the discussion.



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