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  • To enable people of like mind to meet, socialise and share common interests.
  • To promote a rationalist and scientific approach to the resolution of the worlds great issues in an open and tolerant society.
  • To encourage society to question superstitious belief and any related customs which damage or undermine our society (e.g. sectarianism, indoctrination and intimidation).
  • To work towards the ending of religious bias in the media, in law and in government, and the ending of religious indoctrination in schools.
  • To represent Humanist (BH) opinion throughout the Bedfordshire area to local politicians, the local media, and the general public
  • To promote the development of Humanism throughout society through education and free and open discussion and debate.
  • To support the wider aims of Humanists everywhere through the British Humanist Association (BHA)
  • To defend the rights of those who risk intimidation and violence from religious groups when they criticise religions or religious practices.
  • To defend those who suffer intolerance and discrimination because of race, gender, social and economic class, age, sexuality, disability or philosophy.
  • To encourage respect for other living things in our World based on the understanding that other animals we share our world with are not things, but fellow creatures who can suffer if treated with cruelty.
  • To recognise that we share our planet with all living people and all our foreseeable descendants, and accordingly to exercise and encourage responsible stewardship of all natural resources.



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