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A fond farewell to Peggy

By Ian - Posted on 25 November 2015

Bedfordshire Humanists joined family and friends on 17th November 2015 to say goodbye to Peggy Simmons (3 December 1923 - 8 November 2015).

Peggy was a founder member of Bedfordshire Humanists.

It was fitting that the celebrant was David Brittain, a fellow founding member who said of her "She was ... surprising, shocking, thoughtful, funny, compassionate, kind, creative, amazing and wonderful, and all those qualities that mark out a well rounded and complete Human being. There was also a warmth about her, a sense of concern about her world, about society, and about the people in it. She will be remembered for her infectious sense of boundless enthusiasm – of a lust for life that would rival a twenty year old, and which never really expired until her last days."



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