You are hereMeeting 1st December 2015 - A Social evening: Yule be going to the movies!

Meeting 1st December 2015 - A Social evening: Yule be going to the movies!

By Ian - Posted on 25 November 2015

In accordance with our democratic principles, we shall come equipped with three movies. On the night, a vote will be taken on which we watch.

They are:

Agora Alejandro Almenabar’s 2010 film about the life, and brutal death in 391 AD, of Hypatia, the last director of Alexandria’s school of philosophy, at the hands of a Christian mob, who also set fire the famous Library, the greatest repository in the world of the wisdom of the ancients. David Brittain says it ‘went down a bomb in Basingstoke’ – possibly not the happiest of images, but we see what he means.

Creation not perhaps exactly what it says on the tin – this is Jon Amiel’s 2009 moving biopic of Charles Darwin, which focuses on the conflicts between his pioneering understanding of the nature of life and his responsibilities to his family, and particularly on his relationship with beloved daughter Annie and her tragic death.

The Life of Brian the film everybody knows by heart, the funniest film ever made, but mysteriously absent from the recently published Guild of American Screenwriters’ selection of the top 20 comic movies. They’re not like us....



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