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Next Meeting: The Ultra Precision Technologies - Nano Engineering

By Ian - Posted on 05 March 2016

A first for Bedfordshire Humanists - we're absolutely delighted to welcome Professor Emeritus Pat McKeown OBE FREng of Cranfield University. Tuesday April 5th, 7pm for 7.30pm as usual.

Pat McKeown's talk, 'Engineering Nanotechnology, the Ultra-precision Technologies' will address issues such as:
- how we can manufacture accurate artefacts, and features on them, 20 thousand times smaller than the best human eye can see unaided
- how the latest advanced technology astronomical space and land based telescopes enhance our understanding of the universe, depend for success on nano-engineering
- can we build 'perfect materials' such as a perfect crystalline diamond atom by atom?
- have we reached the ultimate in the miniaturisation of integrated circuits for more efficient next generation computing and communication systems?
- Does any of this relate to Humanism? .....perhaps only indirectly, but let's see.

Remember - whilst this is a Beds Humanists meeting, all are welcome.



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