You are hereTuesday 4th June 7.30pm - What Do Our Kids Really Believe?

Tuesday 4th June 7.30pm - What Do Our Kids Really Believe?

By Ian - Posted on 01 April 2019

Our monthly meeting is open to all - please do come along. Bedfordshire Humanists education programme involves going into schools and talking about Humanism, but also representing the wider 'no-belief' position to kids. More recently, Ian and Charles attended Humanists UK training and are now responding to requests to address a wider age group. Over the past five years we have addressed groups from middle junior, aged 9, to sixth form, and will soon be speaking to our 1st group of 5 to 6 year olds (wish us luck on that one).

Our usual opening gambit, at least with the older groups, is to test the water by asking the students to respond to twelve propositions, simply with Agree or Disagree (or Can’t Decide - They’re all really Don’t Knows, so we ask them just to go on gut feeling – which way do they lean? We ask them to use Can’t Decide as sparingly as possible.) In each case, Agree may be taken to indicate a broadly credulous position, Disagree broadly sceptical. Overall, we have found that sceptical responses to individual propositions outnumber credulous ones by around two to one, results pretty much in line with national findings that only around 30% of school leavers have any kind of religious affiliation, while 70% have none.

But lurking in this broadly consistent landscape there are some genuine surprises, which we will share with you, and speculate on what might be going on. We will welcome any insights you might have, because we have genuine difficulty in understanding what our results mean.

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All are welcome - you don't need to be a member.

Just a note about getting in to the club - entry is by the front door on Roff Avenue. Club members with cards can open the door by holding the card over the keypad (to the left of the door) - anyone else, just press the entry button (see the blue light) and wait for the catch to be released ('click') then push the door. We are in the room on the left.

NESC is at Roff Avenue, just off the roundabout with Clapham Road/ Postcode MK41 7TW. There is plenty of parking.



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