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Tuesday 6th November - The ongoing war against drugs

By Ian - Posted on 22 May 2018

By common consent, one of the most gripping Skeptics meetings in our history was the visit earlier this year of Neil Woods, who spent 14 years as an undercover drugs cop, and whose book, ‘Good Cop, Bad War’, chronicles his experiences, analyses the reasons why present strategies are failing so miserably, and makes recommendations, based on international experience, as to how we should move forward.

A recent C4 Dispatches broadcast features Bernard Hogan-Howe, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, giving a perspective from the opposite end of the operational spectrum, which nevertheless was working towards very similar conclusions. Much of the programme is devoted to a visit to Colorado, which recently decriminalised cannabis, examining the effects of the change from the angle of the producers, the users, the legislators and the enforcement agencies.  It is, of course, significantly more complex and ambivalent than might appear at first sight, and offers insights into aspects of the debate into which society, and particularly the political establishment, seems to be being pulled.

So on 6th November, we’ll watch the video, and try to tease out some of the strands which will need to be taken into account as the debate develops.  As ever, all welcome, humanists and skeptics alike.

Usual arrangements – North End Club, Doors open 7.00pm, for a 7.30pm start.

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