You are hereJune meeting - Tuesday 21st June - Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North

June meeting - Tuesday 21st June - Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North

By Ian - Posted on 26 April 2016

Important: note the change of date from our usual schedule.

Kelvin Hopkins is a prominent and influential back-bench Labour MP, who has held the Luton North seat since 1997. He is regarded as being on the left of the party, supporting trade union rights and rail re-nationalisation, and opposing nuclear weapons. He is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society and a Distinguished Supporter of the British Humanist Association, and currently a vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group.

Pressure of parliamentary business has made him unavailable on any of our normal Humanist evenings, but he has agreed to come and talk to us on Tuesday 21st June at the NESC, starting at 7:30. In the light of the unbridled enthusiasm at the DfE for ‘faith schools’, and the capture of the All Party Parliamentary Group on RE by those who insist that there is no place in RE for non-theistic belief systems, we have asked him to talk on ‘The House of God? Humanism and secularism in today’s Parliament.’

All subscribers are welcome, whether primarily Humanists or Skeptics, to what should be an informative and stimulating evening.



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