You are hereWhy do we allow discrimination based on culture?

Why do we allow discrimination based on culture?

By John - Posted on 10 September 2012

This extract from Anne Marie Waters was published by the National Secular Society.

We need to get this clear – race is not culture. Race is a skin colour
or national or ethnic grouping and it gives no indication whatsoever of
who a person is or what they stand for. Culture, on the other hand, is a
series of actions which are routinely carried out within any defined
community and are usually based on tradition or religion or both. If we
define culture as a set of actions, and some of those actions amount to
the forced enslavement and rape of young girls, then that can and should
be condemned – culture or not. Cultural practices have always been
condemned, fought against, and changed. It has happened all across
history; it is called progress. More



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