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Firstly, you can get lots of good information by talking to one of the Celebrants on our Ceremonies page. That said, you could look at the following as an 'ideas' page or "Frequently Asked Questions".

Many humanists are interested in the enviroment and may want to consider how they could lower the impact a funeral has. One way is by choosing a re-usable coffin. Not everyone likes the idea of "cardboard coffins," yet it's possible to hire an attractive wooden casket, into which an inlay is inserted. The casket can then be re-used, saving both resources and cost.

Not all coffins are made from planks of wood these days. You may want to use a natural material such as willow, bamboo or seagrass. See the Natural Endings website for examples.

If you still prefer a burial rather than cremation, then there are natural burial sites such as Keysoe, Bedford



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