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By Kim - Posted on 18 December 2011

Members and Associates will be aware that since 2010 Bedfordshire Humanists have made numerous approaches to join the local SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education), which sets the Religious Education syllabus for schools in Bedford Borough.

Our approaches have been either ignored or rejected on every occasion and we are unclear how Bedford Borough Council can meet its obligations in this area as the SACRE has no Humanist voice at all, despite the fact that Humanism is now a part of Religious Education, which is legally required to be interpreted as part of Religion and Ethics.

Non-religious parents and others might feel aggrieved that the only non-religious, ethical, education children in Bedford Borough will receive in RE lessons will be devised by religious people! How do you think those people would feel, if the situation was reversed?

Rest assured that we will not let this drop. We need anyone who finds this situation unacceptable to make their voice heard. Either by writing to the newspapers, talking to their councillor, or even by joining Bedfordshire Humanists.



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